Hybrid Prosthesis

Hybrid Prosthesis Description

Hybrid prothesis are prosthetic treatments with implant support in patients with moderate or advanced bone loss. It is not possible to use implants completely in this treatment. Implants are applied to certain areas of the jawbone for support, and the prosthesis is fixed.

1. Transfer

For safety and comfort, we transport our patients in one of our sanitized vehicles from the airport to the hotel where they will stay.

2. Consultation

Our medical team will take the necessary medical tests to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. Accommodation

You are ready to leave the clinic once your surgery has been completed.We will transport you to your pre-arranged 5 star hotel to rest after the procedure.

4. Recovery

Our team will accompany you to the Clinic so that your doctor can check you and your results. Then we’ll take you to the airport.

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F.A.Q About Hybrid Prosthesis

Hybrid prosthesis angles are preferred in patients with a large number of missing teeth and deformation in bone tissues. Patients whose bone tissue is not suitable for complete implantation are candidates for hybrid prosthesis treatment.
In hybrid prosthesis, it is 3-5 months after the first implant treatment is completed, depending on the application to the lower and upper jaw. After this process, the prosthesis stage is reached.
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