Veneers Description

It is a treatment method for the loss of appearance and function of the patient’s teeth due to various reasons such as caries and fractures. It is ensured that the patients regain their dental health with the closures created with various materials on the patient’s teeth without being pulled out.

1. Transfer

For safety and comfort, we transport our patients in one of our sanitized vehicles from the airport to the hotel where they will stay.

2. Consultation

Our medical team will take the necessary medical tests to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. Accommodation

You are ready to leave the clinic once your surgery has been completed.We will transport you to your pre-arranged 5 star hotel to rest after the procedure.

4. Recovery

Our team will accompany you to the Clinic so that your doctor can check you and your results. Then we’ll take you to the airport.

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F.A.Q About Veneers

With an examination, the types of veneers are determined according to the patient’s dental condition and economic power. Then, a mould is taken to remove the patient’s tooth structure, and thanks to these moulds, veneers suitable for the patient’s tooth structure are produced in the dental laboratory. Afterward, the doctor places the veneer on the patient’s teeth so that the tooth gets rid of its damaged structure and regains its new appearance.
3 sessions are required for the coating to be done correctly. 2-3 days are required between each session. We mentioned that the coatings differ according to the material used; these materials are; porcelain laminate veneer, full porcelain veneer, zircon veneer, and metal-supported veneer.
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