The implant is the most modern and effective missing tooth treatment applied to support the prosthesis by placing a screw in the jawbone. Titanium, etc., is placed in the jawbone and replaces missing teeth. Thanks to the artificial roots made of metals, it is possible to put prosthesis or fixed veneers that will restore the old chewing and other functions of the patient.

1. Transfer

For their safety and comfort, we drive our patients from the
airport to the hotel where they
will stay inone of our sanitized vehicles.

2. Consultation

Our medical team will take the necessary medical testing to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. Accommodation

You are ready to leave the clinic once your surgery has been completed. We will transport you to your pre-arranged 5 star hotel to rest after the procedure.

4. Recovery

Our team will accompany you to the Clinic so that your doctor can check you and your results. Then we’ll take you to the airport.


Implant treatment can be applied to all patients who have missing teeth due to caries and some other reasons and do not have severe bone resorption in the jawbone.

The most important condition is that the bone structure is solid where the implant will be applied. In addition, gum health in the area to be implanted is another critical factor affecting the treatment. However, the quality of the implant directly affects the success of the treatment, and poor quality implants can cause serious problems such as infection, bone loss, and tooth extraction. Another critical factor is whether the clinical conditions are hygienic or not.

We attach great importance to the quality of the implants we use in our centers. We ensure that the implants used are accepted by dentists and have quality certificates.

After the implant roots are applied to the bone, a period of 3-4 months is required for the permanent coating to be attached, but this period is ensured to continue the daily life of the patient by placing the temporary coating superstructure to avoid loss for the patient. During these three months, the implant is expected to fully fuse with the bone tissue so that the implants can be used for many years.

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