Bichectomy Description

Bichectomy is an operation to bring the facial features of the patient to the fore and remove the excess fat from the cheeks and give them a more prominent bone structure. With this operation, the fat on the cheek of the patient that creates a swollen appearance is removed.

1. Transfer

For safety and comfort, we transport our patients in one of our sanitized vehicles from the airport to the hotel where they will stay.

2. Consultation

Our medical team will take the necessary medical tests to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. Accommodation

You are ready to leave the clinic once your surgery has been completed.We will transport you to your pre-arranged 5 star hotel to rest after the procedure.

4. Recovery

Our team will accompany you to the Clinic so that your doctor can check you and your results. Then we’ll take you to the airport.

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F.A.Q About Bichectomy

Bichectomy, also known nowadays as cheek aesthetics, is an aesthetic operation applied to have more prominent facial features and protruding cheekbones.
With the painkillers and follow-up to be applied after the surgery, there is no pain or ache that will affect the daily life of the patient.
It can be applied to men and women over the age of 18 who usually have obesity and overweight problems and mostly have wide facial features.
Bichectomy surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia according to patient’s preference and takes approximately 45 minutes.
Bichectomy is performed under local anaesthesia by making a thin incision on the cheek and removing excess fat.
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