Liposuction Description

Liposuction, more commonly known as a fat removal operation, is performed on healthy patients who do not have excess weight and are looking to remove pockets of adipose tissue that are resistant to diet and exercise. Common areas for liposuction include: the abdomen, waist, jowls, legs, arms, and face.

Liposuction Treatments

Fat is removed by liquifying the adipose tissue and suctioning it with a cannula through 2-3 cm incisions in targeted areas. This procedure is usually used and combined with other surgeries such as arm lifts, abdominoplasties, facelifts, etc. to achieve optimal results.

1. Transfer

For safety and comfort, we transport our patients in one of our sanitized vehicles from the airport to the hotel where they will stay.

2. Consultation

Our medical team will take the necessary medical tests to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. Accommodation

You are ready to leave the clinic once your surgery has been completed.We will transport you to your pre-arranged 5 star hotel to rest after the procedure.

4. Recovery

Our team will accompany you to the Clinic so that your doctor can check you and your results. Then we’ll take you to the airport.

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F.A.Q About Liposuction

It can be applied to anyone who does not have any health problems and has regional lubrication problems. A doctor should be consulted before the operation.
Although there is no age limit for surgery, it is not highly recommended for patients who  have experienced loss of elasticity in the skin due to age.
Liposuction surgery; is the process of removing excess fat from the patient’s body with special cannulas by specialist doctors. Liposuction aims to improve the body contour of the patient.
Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. The aim here is to regulate the appearance of the patient’s dissatisfaction. After the operation, the excess fat tissue in the patient is reduced.
After liposuction, the patient is discharged after 1 day of hospitalization. After discharge, patients are advised to rest for an average of 5 days. After this period, patients can return to their routines.
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