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Effective Date: […./01/2017]

Loft Clinic and its affiliates (“Loft”, “We”, “to us”, “Our”) know how important the confidentiality is for our clients and we make efforts to be transparent about how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information. This Confidentiality Policy offers a general frame for our procedures performed on information. Confidentiality Policy applies to the web site of Loft Clinic, online procedures available in the site and services delivered in Loft Clinic (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”).

We may amend this Confidentiality Policy, hereby, at times in order to reflect the amendments in laws and regulations and changes in sector-based practices and technological developments. Please always remember that the Confidentiality Policy applies to our web site, your online transaction and the procedures you perform at our clinic subject to this Confidential Policy. Confidentiality Policy is valid irrespective of using computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV or any other device to access our Services. Since you approve the procedures specified in the Confidentiality Policy for each time you use our Service, it is very important to read the Confidentiality Policy carefully. By using our Services, you approve the procedures specified in the Confidentiality Policy.

It is also very important for you to check, frequently, whether the Confidentiality Policy is updated or not. When we update the Confidentiality Policy, we inform you about significant amendments, in our opinion, by added a note to relevant Services. After we add this warning text, it is assumed that you approve new procedures specified in the update when you access to or use our Services. The most recent valid version of the Confidentiality Policy will always be accessible in our web site. You may check the “Effective Date” that is shown on top of the page to see date of the last update.

Which information do we collect about you?

Details that are directly communicated by you

Certain Services guides you to communicate the information directly to us. For example:

Details about use of our Services by you can be transferred to us.

In addition to information you give, we may also collect details about use of our Services delivered by other companies. For example, we may collect following information:

Identity details – all identity details such as name, surname, R.T. ID number,

Health information – details about all treatments you received at our clinic,

Contact details – information that helps communication with you, such as e-mail, phone number etc.

Information disclosed by third parties

We may obtain information about you from sources that are open to public and can be used commercially (to the extent allowed by laws) and we may combine such information with other details we obtained from you or other details about you. Moreover, we may seek information about you from your relatives (regarded as third party) in order to ensure delivery of our services.

Other Information We Collect

Moreover, we may collect other information about you, your health status and use of Services by you by obtaining your consent while the information is collected or via other methods.

You may prefer not to disclose certain information (for example, up-to-date information about your health status) with us, but failure to disclose such information to use may cause inability to use certain Services or it may lead to delivery of certain Services not as you wish.

Automatically Collected Information

We collect certain personal data automatically when you use our web site or products. This information may involve all or some of below mentioned information:

Excluding the conditions that require us store and retain identifier feature of data, we anonymize the collected data and we store them such that your identity cannot be disclosed. For example, when we collect your IP address, we anonymize your IP address by hiding the last group of digits (for example, is processed into 192.168.1.XXX).

How do we collect your data?

Your personal data can be collected in any and all verbal or written forms or in digital media through our web site, online services on our web site, call center service and your physical admissions to our clinic.

How do we use your data?

We may use your data, which we have collected, for following purposes:

We may combine the information that we collected from you and use them for purposes that comply with terms and conditions of this Confidentiality Policy.

Who do we disclose your information?

We do not disclose your information to third parties to allow them use your information for their own marketing or business purposes without your permission. However, we can disclose your information to below stated institutions:

Affiliates. Within scope of Confidentiality Policy, your information can be communicated to affiliates of Loft Clinic.

Service providers. We can disclose your information to companies that provide services for or on behalf of our party such as companies that assist us for invoicing procedures or that send e-mails on behalf of us. These institutions can use your information only to provide services to our party.

Relatives of Clients (Patients). We can disclose information about your health status to inform your first degree relatives within scope of relevant health legislation.

Other Parties As Required by Law or In Cases Where It Is Necessary to Protect Our Services. We may disclose your information to other parties due to below listed reasons:

Other Parties dealing with Corporate Actions. We can disclose your information to a third party as a part of merger or transfer or in case of bankruptcy.

Other Parties upon Your Approval or Request. In addition to explanations in this Confidentiality Policy, we can share your information with third parties upon your approval or request.

How Do We Ensure Security of Your Personal Data?

In order to ensure integrity of all required data, archive them in compliance with legislation and prevent disclosure thereof to third parties, excluding the medical team that will undertake diagnosis and treatment for supporting and maintaining the Services delivered to our clients;

Three basic principles of our clinic about information security are privacy, integrity and access limited to authorized people.

Who Controls Your Data?

Pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law (Nr. 6698), “Data Controller” of each company affiliated to Loft Clinic is determined by our party as follows.

1- Loft Clinic Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş.

2- Loft Dijital Reklam Ajans Ltd. Şti.

We declare that your information is collected by individuals with the title of “Data Controller” that are listed above pursuant to this Confidentiality Policy and these individuals have the rights and obligations laid down by the Law Nr. 6698 based on the title of “Data Controller”.

Data Storage

We take reasonable measures to ensure that your information is stored only for the period of time required by the reason of collecting information or valid laws or contracts.

What Are Your Rights Related to Your Data?

You can always send your requests about the following regarding your data processed in Loft Clinic A.Ş.;

Third Party Connections and Products in Our Services

Our services may be connected to third party web sites or services that are not under our control. Safety or confidentiality of information collected by web sites or other services are not under our responsibility. Please be careful and do not forget to view valid confidentiality notifications regarding third party web sites and services.

If You Are Not Of Full Age

Loft Clinic is concerned about confidentiality and safety of individuals who are not of full age on the internet. Our web site has been designed for general public, not for individuals who are not of full age.

Protection of Personal Data


Medicana Hastane İşletmeciliği A.Ş. (Medicana Hospital Business Inc.) and Medicana Samsun Özel Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Medicana Samsun Private Healthcare Services Inc.) have the status of “Data Controller” pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law (Act Nr. 6698).

Our companies that hold the title of “Data Controller” shall record, save and store your identity details (your name, surname etc.), contact details (your phone number, your e-mail address etc.), your process security information (your IP/MAC address, your login and logout details etc.) and other personal data that you communicate to us – all regarded as personal data – in electronic and/or printed media pursuant to your clear consent given for following purposes and such information can be disclosed and transferred to third parties that we supply service and/or cooperate with and physicians and other personnel of our company in order to:

Create your appointment records,

Share reports of laboratory and imaging services delivered to you at our hospitals with you on Internet,

Perform customer relations management processes and to measure satisfaction,

Use thereof for marketing, promotion, draw, campaign, event, public relations and surveys as well as any and all subscription services that may be delivered to the client,

Communicate with you for marketing activities, campaigns, advertisements, launching, surveys, draws, discounts, promotions, special opportunities, opening, invitation, event and communication efforts and to inform you about them,

Organize all records and documents, which will be the basis for processing services in digital (Internet/mobile etc.) or printed media,

Provide other services that you may request,

Fulfill requirements of the legal relation with the service recipient,

Draw up a contract with you,

Carry out communication activities with you

We, hereby, represent that by applying to our companies, you have, regarding your personal data, rights to:

Learn whether your personal data is processed or not, or if yes, request information.

Learn why your personal data is processed and whether they are used in line with the purpose,

Learn national and international third parties that are transferred the personal data, and request correction, if they are processed inaccurately/incompletely,

Request deletion/disposal of personal data subject to conditions specified in Article 7 of Personal Data Privacy Act,

Make third parties that received the data notified about the above mentioned procedures,

Raise an objection to a negative outcome arising out of analyzing the data exclusively with automated systems,

Request compensation of loss and damage that arises out of illegal processing of personal data.

Best Regards



I read and understood information and explanations available in the Personal Data Protection Law Information Text and also my rights specified in the text.

I, hereby, clearly consent without any coercion that personal data of me and/or other people, for whom I act as parent or curator in terms of healthcare service delivery, is recorded, saved, processed, transferred and disclosed according to information, purposes and explanations specified in “Personal Data Protection Law Information Text”.


Pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law (Nr. 6698) and Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce (Nr. 6563), our company that posses the titles “Loft Clinic Sağlık Hizmetler A.Ş. (LOFTCLINIC will process your data or data of others, for whom you are parent or curator, after your consent is obtained pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law and Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce in order to notify details of any and all marketing activities, campaigns, adds, launching, surveys, draws, discounts, promotions, special opportunities, opening activities, invitations, events and communication activities to me and/or said people. Your personal data will be disclosed to the companies that supply service to us in order to ensure SMS and E-mail communication solely for abovementioned purposes, should necessary measures are taken.

Best Regards



Unless I notify otherwise, I, hereby, clearly declare my consent that I and other people, for whom I act as parent and/or curator, am/are communicated by Loft Clinic Sağlık Hizmetler A.Ş. using SMS, E-mail and Communication means and commercial electronic mail and message is sent to notify details of any and all marketing activities, campaigns, adds, launching, surveys, draws, discounts, promotions, special opportunities, opening activities, invitations, events and communication activities to me and/or said people.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Loft Clinic’s Web Site

Everybody, who visits the site or request to use the services available on the site, accepts all terms and conditions of this “Terms of Use” unconditionally. By creating a record at Loft Clinic and requesting to use the services, you commit to strictly comply with terms and conditions specified in this “Terms of Use” and terms and conditions of “Confidentiality Policy” of Loft Clinic, which is an inevitable part of this document, as well as other instructions specified in this site.

Loft Clinic reserves the right to amend, solely at its disposal, the “Terms of Use”, “Confidentiality Policy” and other instructions specified in this site at any time. Said amendments shall be valid and binding immediately after they are published in this site. You are personally responsible to follow updates and amendments and Loft Clinic shall not assume any liability in terms of notifying the amendments to you. By utilizing the services of Loft Clinic, it is deemed that you have accepted such amendments.

The links available in web site of Loft Clinic may direct you out of the site (to other site) and Loft Clinic shall not assume any responsibility about content, accuracy or function of those sites. These links are available based on good faith and Loft Clinic shall not be liable for any change in web sites with links available in our site. Loft Clinic or its affiliates or any third party involved in creation, production or communication of this site shall assume no liability for any direct, incidental or consequential penalty, damage, injury or any other liability arising out of access to or use of the site.

All real and legal persons, who are qualified to use civil rights, can utilize services of Loft Clinic. Supervision of parent or legal representative is a must for minors (people younger than 18), disabled people and others, who do not have mental capacity.

All registered or non-registered intellectual property rights of titles, trade names, brands, patents, logos, designs, information and methods specified in this site are possessed by Loft Clinic or relevant part and these rights are protected by national and international legislation. Visiting this site and utilizing the services available in the site shall not damage said intellectual property rights. By visiting and using this site, you commit not to violate said intellectual property rights.

You may communicate your opinions and advices to use over our web site or to our e-mail address. Such advices can be used by Loft Clinic and the person, who communicated the opinion and advice, waives, hereby, any and all consequential rights.

When a subscriber ID and password is entered, the subscriber shall be personally responsible for actions. Subscriber ID and password should not be disclosed to any third party. If required, you will be requested to change the subscriber ID and password.

Our web site can be used for legal purposes in strict compliance with relevant legislation. By using this web site, you commit to act in compliance with laws. False statement to gain unfair advantage, falsifying occurrence date of damages by hiding therefore and use of alias and fake credit card lead to criminal liability. Loft Clinic is authorized to take measures, such as banned login and filing a report, in order to prevent such events. Loft Clinic is free to accept or refuse delivery of a requested service. If a dispute occurs due to the services that you utilize through our web site, the dispute shall be governed by Turkish laws and the competent body shall be Istanbul (Central) courts and execution offices


Copyright is possessed by Loft Clinic. All rights reserved. Text, visual, sound, animation and video files published in this site and their designs are subject to copyright pursuant to Act Nr. 5846 and relevant legislation. No component can be copied and used for commercial purpose and they cannot be published in other web sites.

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